Volume 5 - Can Your Grassroots Marketing be Massroots?

Volume 5 - Can Your Grassroots Marketing be Massroots?

Can Your Grassroots Marketing be Massroots?

Finding new, innovative ways to meaningfully connect with consumers has never been more important for leading brand marketers who recognize the importance of meeting consumers where they are and showing up in culture in unique ways. However, while mass media campaigns may have proved effective in the past, the fragmented media landscape has made it increasingly challenging to gain the same traction. So, how does a brand stand out and not just make themselves known, but also position themselves in front of their core audience in an impactful and efficient manner?

To start, it’s vital to understand that consumers are increasingly bombarded by marketing and advertising messages and feel strongly that brand experiences and personalization are paramount to grab their attention. Data suggests that the average person encounters 6,000 to 10,000 ads every single day¹.) Meanwhile, 72% of consumers agree that relevancy is most important². They expect personalized messages, so they know a brand gets them. (Sources: AdLock.com¹, Optimove 2023 Consumer Marketing Fatigue Survey²). Grassroots marketing can be the answer, but the new path forward is what we – at Strategic – now call “Massroots Marketing”.  Below are three (3) strategies that brands should consider when looking for unique ways to scale the power of intimate, grassroots marketing platforms: 

#1: Media Extensions

Be “surgical” in your approach and stretch your budget to new lengths. There’s already built-in equity (followers, etc.) via a brand’s social channels, so use it to your advantage! Amplify your message / activation across multiple social touchpoints for a far-reaching, and hardworking, media extension strategy. Going even further, consumers love to hear the magic word, FREE! Brands – like yours - can also take advantage by developing something like a (free) story that’s so irresistible that even local (and perhaps national) media / personalities (online, TV news, etc.) can’t help but excitedly talk about it. Additionally, creating something that seamlessly integrates into a user’s behavior and adds value can generate further attention.

#2: Ambassadors (BIG and small)

Provide instant credibility as well as immediate press / buzz by incorporating talent - athletes, entertainers, influencers, etc. - and the power of their built-in audience. Integrate into your on-site experience for personal, meaningful interactions to develop true brand advocates, and extend reach via their already extensive social network. We used NFL players as ambassadors helping consumers curate game day recipes, in this execution for Pepsi.

#3 Stunt / PR “Moment”

Everyone (and everything) is competing for consumers’ attention especially your phone (and its many apps), emails constantly piling up, etc.  Just walk along a busy street and see how many people have their heads down and/or have their earbuds in listening to their favorite podcasts or watching a Reel on Instagram.  How does a brand cut through? Create something that you can’t help but pay attention to such as – yes, we’ve done this! - a marching band in Grand Central Station. We saw it firsthand when thousands of commuters, tourists, and the like were stopped in their tracks by a marching band drumming up interest (no pun intended, I promise!) for an Under Armour product launch with 1.2 million live impressions and over 550 million traditional and social media impressions.  Something noticeable (and unavoidable, in a good way) can be the perfect path to breakthrough brand awareness and engagement. 

In closing, it’s clear that finding new, innovative ways to meaningfully connect with consumers – extending and amplifying your grassroots marketing efforts - has never been more important for leading brands. Consider these proven strategies - Media Extensions, Ambassadors (BIG and small), and a Stunt / PR Moment – as just a few of the innovative pathways to “Massroots Marketing” impact that we recommend and execute for our blue-chip clients. 

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