Chewy x Halloween

The Furtual-Boutique

The Situation

Pet parents know that trying to get their four-legged furry companions to try on Halloween costumes is never easy. For e-commerce platforms, this pain point for pet owners can negatively impact sales. However, a 2021 report from Shopify data showed that interacting with products with AR had a 94% higher conversion rate than products with no AR.

The Solution

To help online pet store, Chewy, alleviate this pain point, we developed the Furtual-Boutique - a full-body-try-on where dogs and cats can virtually dress up in Halloween costumes. Pet parents could virtually try-on seven different costumes ranging from cowboys to superheroes.

Customers could enter the Fur-tual Boutique on their phones directly from the Chewy website, and after they'd selected their favorite costume they could either visit Chewy's Halloween Shop directly from the platform to purchase the costume, or post the photo of their pet online. Users who posted their photo, tagged Chewy, and used the #HairyNotSoScary also had the chance to win prizes


Industry Recognition

2022 Shorty Awards - Winner (Shopping)

2022 Shorty Awards - Finalist (Mobile Campaign)


Performance Metrics

67% Engagement Rate

24.5% Completion Rate

1:33 Average Time Spent