Pepsi x NFL

Bringing the NFL to Life—Right in Your Kitchen


The Situation

In the Fall of 2021 football fans were not only nervous about how the NFL season would come together, but how they could experience it with the same level of joy as super fans who make the games an all-Sunday event. Pepsi wanted to engage these “elite football watchers” with a series of activations that would help ease the pandemic-pain of not being able to gather in larger groups for game watching and all that goes with it.


The Solution

We worked with Pepsi to incorporate game day Augment Reality (AR) based recipes into their team-branded microsites at home. As a component of Pepsi’s larger Made for Football Watching campaign, the recipe experience gave fans a chance to make their favorite game day recipes with a local NFL player via a unique AR experience. The recipe experience, which included a ‘click to add to cart’ feature drove conversions at local supermarkets and quickly became one of the most engaging and unique pieces of content for Pepsi for the locked down season.


Enduring Impact

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72K Total Impressions

Total Users

23K Users

Photo Engagements

5K Photo Engagements

Recipes Downloaded

2K Recipes Downloaded